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Buying an aircraft is easy… buying the right aircraft is extremely difficult!

To purchase the right aircraft for your needs involves more than it looking “nice”.

Remember, sometimes size is not the most important thing to look for! It’s what you want to do with it.

A short story explains all: One very astute businessman that we are aware of thought he had become an expert in aviation over two years because he had trained to be a pilot. He declined any expert assistance from aircraft salesmen as an unnecessary expense. He himself purchased a mid size corporate jet for what he believed was an “absolute steal”. The aircraft was immediately after the purchase grounded, by the authorities for outstanding ADs. The cost for the ADs was $1.800.000 and eventually the owner sold the aircraft for a loss of $1.500.000!! The owner is a very successful property dealer and I asked him the question: Would you buy a property without some sort of survey? The answer is not printable… Lesson learnt the hard way.

However for every horror story there are many success stories, so follow the procedure; appoint the experts to find the right aircraft for the right job at the right price. We can meet your needs and make purchasing your aircraft a pleasure, not a nightmare.

Passenger safety and security are our number one priority.

We offer complete client confidentiality, assistance with off shore registration insurance and management are just some of our services.

Due to the ever changing availability of aircraft do not offer non existing listings and inventory. We will source the right aircraft for you. All you need to do is call or email your requirements and we will respond within 24 hours.

We offer expert advice and management on airline, corporate, fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Helicopter charter is fast becoming an everyday working tool. We think you will be surprised how little it really costs, and how much ground you can cover in one day.

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