Aircraft Management and Operations

Aircraft Management and Operations

As your management company, Jets4udirect will look after all aspects of aircraft operation, no matter where you are in the world. Compliance with EASA, alongside regulators such as the FAA, CAA, we will keep your aircraft safe, operational and airborne.

If you own a business jet or are thinking of buying one and you want it to be based in the UK or Europe, there are rules that govern air safety that will affect your flying operations.

In Europe there are rules for private aircraft operations and, if you would like to charter your aircraft so that it earns its keep when you do not need it, rules that oversee and control commercial air operations, too.

Air Operations Infographic

Private flying or General Aviation

Private flights of complex aircraft are classified as Part-NCC. NCC stands for Non Commercial Complex.

Complex is a categorisation of the type of aeroplane i.e if:

  • The Maximum Take-off weight is 5,700kg or greater; or
  • The seating capacity is 19 seats or more; or
  • The aircraft is fitted with one jet engine or more or one turboprop engine.

Aircraft with specifications lower than ‘Complex’ are classified as NCO Non Commercial Other (than Complex)

Commercial flying operations with ‘Complex’ aircraft are classified as Part-CAT where CAT stands for Commercial Air Transport

The diagram gives further detail.

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Commercial Flying Operations

Commercial flying operations and the administration of commercial flying operations by the aircraft operator is subject to constant oversight by the regulator. The regulator will regularly audit the operator checking financial sturdiness, administration and control and supervision of flying operations and safety performance.

At Jets4UDirect safety of our passengers and crew is paramount and our primary concern. We apply stringent safety methodologies to both private and commercial flying operations. We do not discriminate between the two.

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