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To purchase the right aircraft for your needs involves more than it looking "nice".

Remember, sometimes size is not the most important thing to look for! It's what you want

to do with it.













However for every horror story there are many success stories, so follow the procedure; appoint the experts to find the right aircraft for the right job at the right price. We can meet your needs and make purchasing your aircraft a pleasure, not a nightmare.


We offer complete client confidentiality, assistance with off shore registration insurance and management are just some of our services.


Passenger safety and security are our number one priority.


Due to the ever changing availability of aircraft do not offer non existing listings and inventory. We will source the right aircraft for you. All you need to do is call or email your requirements and we will respond within 24 hours.


We offer expert advice and management on airline, corporate, fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Helicopter charter is fast becoming a everyday working tool. Why not call us for a no obligation quote on the 'Bell Jetranger' or a new 'Augusta 109 grand'. We think you will be surprised how little it really costs, and how much ground you can cover in one day.

Buying an aircraft is easy... buying the right aircraft is extremely difficult!

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A short story explains all: One very astute businessman that we are aware of thought he had become an expert in aviation over two years because he had trained to be a pilot. He declined any expert assistance from aircraft salesmen as an unnecessary expense. He himself purchased a mid size corporate jet for what he believed was an "absolute steal". The aircraft was immediately after the purchase grounded, by the authorities for outstanding ADs. The cost for the ADs was $1.800.000 and eventually the owner sold the aircraft for a loss of $1.500.000!! The owner is a very successful property dealer and I asked him the question: Would you buy a property without some sort of survey? The answer is not printable... Lesson learnt the hard way.

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If you're looking to sell your aircraft or replace it, Jets4Udirect has the answer.

We are currently offering a free overview of your fixed or rotary wing, we will discuss, negotiate and agree a fixed fee prior to marketing your aircraft worldwide or selling it to one of our potential cash purchasers around the world.


Because we charge a fixed fee, you are guaranteed that we will maximise your return for our mutual benefit. Jets4Udirect will manage all your documentation including export requirements from start to finish, title transfer and bill of sale. The whole process will be handled legally, professionally, and efficiently.

If you are planning on starting up an airline or have new routes and need additional capacity, ACMI may be the right choice for you. We have, throughout our worldwide network ,aircraft of all types available both for short or long term. ACMI takes away your potential exposure if buying for the particular need appears to be your only option.


Areas of operational experience include but are not limited to Africa Europe & Middle East where we are all too aware of special operational requirements for the aircraft and the authorities.


So whether it's short term or long term, we have immediate availability for prompt dispatch of aircraft to your region. Most of the crew we offer speak several European languages and are familiar with these territories


For some new start up operations we offer low minimum guaranteed hours initially whilst you establish the routes. If needed we can provide full operational, crewing and technical expertise along with ideas to generate income based on our experience to make your operation more profitable. We are familiar with every aspect of your operation, remember your success is also our future that's why the advice we give is based on fact not fiction.


If you're already operating similar aircraft to the ACMI addition we can offer to train your cabin crew and integrate them with our staff. This helps bring your costs down for hotel and possibly per diums. The aircraft and crew can wear your uniforms, logos and colours to promote your airline.


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We are here to satisfy your needs.

Aircraft consultants come in various shapes and sizes, their purpose is as the title suggests...

They will offer you an expert consultancy service and Jets4Udirect will offer an initial free service, after which you decide the direction you want to go.


Whether you're looking to buy, sell or start up an operation we will give you unbiased advice from actual hands on experienced personnel. Fixed wing or Rotary, we will have the expert ready to discuss your needs. If you want honest straight answers then you are at the right place. Even experts can't know it all but we will have the right experts within our network to find the answer to anything we're unsure about and come straight back to you.


What have you got to lose? Contact us today and we will call you back within 24 hours unless you request immediate reply. All we ask is if you are pleased with our service, tell others. If you're unhappy for any reason, please tell us and we will endeavour to make it better.

Whether you need to fly VVIP from LA to Delhi or valuable commodities from an African mine to the Far East we will find the right aircraft for you. We have access to a worldwide network of operators, brokers and owners who make their aircraft available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You may contact us at any time for an immediate quote, one price is what you will pay. All customs Immigration flight clearances and operational requirements are taken care of for you. So if your needs demand a Hawker, a Gulfstream or a 747, we will sort it for you hassel free. One call is all it takes.


For executive Helicopter charters we only use the best, the operators we use have full capability and back up machines if required. Why use a one man operator with no support if you can use one of the best operators in Europe who have a variety of helicopters to suit all your needs, and full support.

At Jets4UDirect, we believe we have some of the best engineers available to us, they are not salesmen and they have no commercial interest whatsoever. Their job is to inspect the aircraft and documents with their expert technical knowledge and worldwide experience of operational and authorities requirements and give us an unbiased report..


Our most senior engineer with 35 years experience has travelled the world many times and been responsible for advising governing authorities as well as high profile ministers and owners' operations of airlines. Jets4UDirect allow you as a customer to have access to this pool of resource to benefit your purchase.


Aircraft or operational overviews and advice are all part of our everyday service but we can also offer full in depth reports on lease returns insurance disputes and asset valuation. As you would expect this part of our service would attract a charge as it's extremely time consuming and detailed because we know what is required..



Charter can be the most effective way to travel. Fixed wing or helicopter; we will make it easy for you.

In this ever changing industry, we all rely on technically qualified Licensed Aircraft Engineers to give us a honest opinion of any aircraft or helicopter we express interest in.

Jets4UDirect are here to help you make the right choice, the safe choice and one that you will be completely satisfied with.



Call Jets4U direct for a quote, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised, and extremely satisfied with what we can offer you.


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